It's funny how the law of attraction can throw certain things in your path at certain times. I can totally relate to the idea of grabbing life by the balls and the importance of doing what you love. If you don't, you run the risk of winding up with regrets; and life is far, far too precious for that. 

Monique Péan lost someone very close to her very suddenly nine years ago. She was working in finance at the time and merrily bobbing along without incident the day her world changed forever. To say it had an impact on her life is an understatement. 

Last week's Thanksgiving Dinner hosted by the award-winning fine jewellery designer was elegant and beautifully styled. What struck me most, however, was Ms. Péan's Thanksgiving speech, during which, she spoke of those early days after the devastating event. At night, when she couldn't sleep, she used those hours to develop her fine jewellery designs. She found that using her hands creatively helped her to heal. Ultimately, it prompted her to leave the job she no longer felt passion for and follow the path to happiness.

The New-York based jewellery designer creates beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces, influenced by natural and architectural geometric shapes, as well as art-deco geometry. Her quest for unique, sustainable materials to work with takes her all over the world, immersing herself in the art and culture of each new place. 

Earlier this year, MONIQUE PÉAN was selected as the Best Jewellery by Wallpaper magazine. 

Huge respect to this inspiring lady.