Frieze London


As part of Frieze London, Gap designed a lounge to present the Visionaire X Gap Art collection. The wooden set containing 45 secret doors and other quirky design features, encouraged visitors to interact. Behind each uniquely shaped door, lay designs by contributing artists...

Before the art event opened to the general public, I went along to photograph the set and the garments. I loved the angular shapes and the element of discovery and surprise. The colourful t-shirts and sweatshirts evoked a sense of playfulness and looked great in their little wooden cubby holes. Conbtributing artists and designers to the collection include Alicja Kwade, Anna Blessman & Peter Saville, Cai-Guo Qiang, Catherine Chalmers, Christopher Bucklow, David Armstrong, Diana Vreeland, Glenn Brown, Greg Foley, Marco Brambilla, Massimo Vitali, Pierre & Gilles, Ruben Toledo, Sharon Ellis, and Steven Klein.

Rebekka Bay, creative director and EVP of Gap Global Design said: “As a brand, we have a long history of supporting the arts and wanted to create a truly unique experience, bringing contemporary art to everyone. The Gap Lounge at Frieze allows visitors the opportunity to interact with the space and view the 2014 collection in its entirety” 

Gap’s collaboration with Visionaire celebrates the 45th anniversary of Gap.