EUDON CHOI : SS15 : LFW / by Suzie Jay

London Fashion Week occurs twice a year, once in February where designers show their Autumn/Winter collections for the coming months and once in September for the Spring/Summer collections. London Fashion Week SS15 has just drawn to a close and I’m keen to share some of my backstage and show highlights with you.

My London Fashion Week kicked off with Eudon Choi at Somerset house. 

Eudon Choi said he was inspired by Georgia O’ Keeffe and described his collection as a “homage to the beauty and power of simplicity”, this was reflected in the showcase that featured a lot of black tailoring, black jackets and oversized coats. 

I thought it was great to see black in a Spring/Summer collection and that blue dress….oh so dreamy…

Working for production company 6up, my role at London Fashion Week is to photograph the event rather than the fashion. While most of the catwalk photographers at this event favoured their telephoto lenses, I shot using my 50mm and 85mm primes lenses so I could get wider shots to capture the lighting, atmosphere, catwalk and models’ movement.